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A Family Focused School

At Southville, we not only suppport your children to aspire, succeed and flourish, but we want the same for our families too. We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with families and supporting them through life's ups and downs. We have a special team who provide a range of support for children and the families at Southville.


A photo of the family team. From left to right: Ms Buckley, Ms Amoanyame, Mrs Begley and Mrs Elliott


Meet Our Team

 Hi, I'm Ms Amoanyame. I am the Emotional well-being practicioner at Southville who helps children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. For families, I co-run a therapeutic family group intervention where we (parent and school) work together in order to make long lasting behavioural changes and increase the well-being of all. These sessions run weekly.


Hi, I am Mrs Begley. Alongside being one of the school's governors, I am a child and adolescent integrative arts counsellor. I work as a therapeutic parenting coach and offer support to parents who are struggling with behaviour and relationships at home. I work on Thursdays and Fridays.



Hello, my name is Ms Buckley. I am a family links co-ordinator with Mrs Elliott at Southville and we run a weekly parenting group for families. I also deliver a drawing and talking intervention for children who have emotional difficulties.



Hi, I'm Mrs Elliott. I am a family links co-ordinator with Mrs Buckley where we run a weekly parenting groups for Southville families. I also work in year 3 and regulate children across the year group.



What Southville Offers

  • Family Group

  • Family Links Group

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  • Talking and Drawing

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