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Global Nature of Industry and Trade

Due to the increasing global nature of industry and trade, and the technological advancement of recent years, graduates in the UK have more opportunities to work remotely for foriegn corporations and working internationally. 

Better Opportunities

Those who know how to speak multiple languages are more likely to get higher salaries, have more job opportunities and are more employable.

Learning Spanish

At Southville, the decision has been taken to teach pupils in KS2 Spanish due to:

  • Accessibility - Spanish is an entirely phonetic language, and has simpler vocabulary which allows pupils to become proficient.
  • Relevancy - Spain is the most popular tourist destination for British people. In addition, there is a lot of Spanish influence and language in current children's media such as Disney films like 'Encanto'
  • Employability - Spanish is the 2nd most commonly spoken language and is the offiical language across almost all of Central and South America, parts of the US, and several other nations in the Carribean, Africa and South-East Asia.
  • Academic - Spanish is the 2nd most popular MFL GCSE and is likely to overtake French in the future. Due to this, Spanish is an established subject at all local secondary and high schools.

Team Teaching

Lessons are delivered using a 'Team Teaching' approach where lessons are taught between a native speaker from the Primary Language Network and the classroom teacher. 

Listening, speaking, writing and reading

Children will get the opportunity to learn and practice all elements of language, with a focus being placed on speaking and listening due to these being most accessible to learners with SEN barriers. 

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about the MFL curriculum at Southville, please find the full curriculum statement below.

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