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List of Governors

Position Name Term From: Term To: Roles
Co-opted Governor Maeve Begley 28.09.2022 27.09.2026 Chair, Child Protection, Looked After Children
Co-opted Governor Anthony Ransom 06.12.2022 05.12.2026 SEND, Data Protection
Head Teacher Joanne Lacey - - Head Teacher
Associate Member Rochelle Menezes - - Deputy Headteacher
Associate Member Tessa Reed - - Deputy Headteacher
Associate Member Julie Spikings - - Deputy Headteacher
Co-opted Governor Garvin Snell 28.03.2023 27.03.2027 Health and Safety, KS2
Staff Governor Natalie Barnes 18.10.2023 19.10.2027 -
Co-opted Governor Catherine Bridger 28.09.2022 27.09.2026 -
Co-opted Governor Jennie Tweedy 18.10.2023 17.10.2027 Early Years, Deputy Child Protection
Co-opted Governor Kirsty Simkin 22.05.2020 21.05.2024 -
Co-opted Governor Debra Kane 09.02.2022 08.02.2026 Vice Chair
Co-opted Governor James Pegg 06.12.2022 05.12.2026 Wellbeing and Mental Health
Local Authority Governor (Hounslow) Clare Wood


12.05.2025 -
Parent Governor Jasprit Jandu 07.02.2024 06.02.2028 KS1
Other Chris Hartley - - Clerk  


Governors that served within the last 12 months

Position Name Term From: Term To: Roles
Role: Appointed by:
Associate Member Local Authority 
Parent Governor Parents
Staff Governor Staff members
Co-opted Governor Invited by board

To contact any of our school governors, please email office@southville.hounslow.sch.uk and mark it for the attention of your selected governor, alternatively you may prefer to send a letter which should be sent to the main school reception - all correspondence will be forwarded on.

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