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History is the study of the past and how it has shaped our future.

Analytical and Critical

At Southville, we encourage our students to be amateur archaeologists that draw conclusions from ancient relics, analysts who can spot and understand historical trends and critically-minded evaluators who scrutinise and appraise historical evidence.

Hands-on Approach

Through a range of different tasks, Southville students get a rich understanding of history. We parttake in trips to local museums and cultural sites as well as home projects and dress-up days that keep children engaged.

  • Nursery

    Nursery pupils are taught about patterns and routines, the idea of time and what happens next, and about their favourite celebrations.

  • Reception

    In reception, they will look at their own history, explore history using traditional tales and explore the differences and similarities between then and now.

  • Year 1

    Year 1 pupils explore history through toys, look at the history of Southville, and the history of flight.

  • Year 2

    In year 2, pupils will begin to understand events that shook Britain, look at influential figures throughout history and explore the historical landmarks - castles.

  • Year 3

    In year 3, they delve into more ancient history, looking at prehistoric Britain and ancient Egypt, and look at Britain's Queens.

  • Year 4

    Year 4 spends some more time on ancient history, looking at the Mayans, ancient civilisations and ancient Greece.

  • Year 5

    In year 5, pupils will focus on the Romans, Saxsons and Vikings, before spending the Summer Term looking at the British Empire

  • Year 6

    In year 6, pupils will learn about more recent history, including about the Industrial Revolution and Feltham in the World Wars. Alongside this, they will learn about leisure and entertainment over time.


With every topic, the teachers will refer to their classroom timeline. This is to solidify the child's understanding of chronological events. By year 6, this will be an understanding of British history from the Stone Age to 1066.


Pupils will go on a range of trips throughout their time with Southville. This includes completing a local area which looks at the Two World Wars through Feltham's local history.

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Below is the full curriculum statement for mathematics at Southville Primary School with additional details of what your child will be up to when with us.

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