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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) is developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead a confident, healthy, happy and independent life.

Ensuring Pupils Thrive

The PSHCE education at Southville is designed to encompass a range of themes that ensure our pupils thrive within the ethos of the school. Some of these include:

  • Keeping each other safe
  • Making healthy choices to support wellbeing
  • Standing up for equality and challenging discrimination
  • Developing healthy, respectful relationships and friendships.

A focus on staying healthy

Keeping healthy, physically and mentally, means that we are able to lead happy and independent lives. As a result, Southville spends a lot of time teaching the children how to manage their feelings and look after their mental wellbeing. We also take part in the HelloYellow campaign which looks at child mental health.

In addition to this, children are taught about healthy relationships with foods and keeping a healthy balance.


    At Southville, we teach PSHCE in 6 units and each year group goes through these units. Although revolving around similar ideas, each year group goes more in-depth with these topics.

    These units are:

  • Being Me in My World

    This module looks at the sense of belonging and recognising the similarities and differences between us to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly, and being a positive influence on our community.

  • Dreams and Goals

    Here children look at how to succeed with their goals and dreams, and looking at personal strengths and challenges, and how to overcome challenges.

  • Celebrating Difference

    In this module, pupils will look at managing feelings of pride, ambition, disappointment and success. In addition, they learn about resilience and growth mindset.

  • Healthy Me

    This module looks at both emotional and physical health. Students will leave feeling confident that they can live a healthy life.

  • Relationships

    This module looks at the different types of relationships a child has, such as family and friends. It also looks at big changes in life such as grief, and cyber safety.

  • Changing Me

    The final module looks at the changes pupils go through from looking at moving between school years to understanding puberty to teaching pupils self-respect.

The Jigsaw Approach

All of our PSHCE lessons follow the Jigsaw Program to support students to understand the topics. To begin with, the lessons outline a charter which outlines the expectations of the lesson.

The section of each class following this are:

  • Connect Us - this is looking at specific social skills and helping children to get to know each other more.
  • Calm Me - this makes use of calming techniques to relax their bodies and calm down their minds to ensure optimal learning.
  • Open my Mind - This section of the lesson is a short activity that focuses the child on the topic at hand.
  • Tell me or Show me - This section is where the teacher teaches a new concept or skill.
  • Let me Learn  - This is where the children do learning activities such as games, drawing or roleplay to ensure that the child fully understands the concept.
  • Help me Reflect - This final section of the lesson is designed to review what has been learnt and how the child feels having learnt about these things.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in further information about the PSHCE lessons, please find the full PSHCE curriculum statement below.

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