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Subject Definition

Art and Design are activities where we can express our creative imagination.  


Our vision at Southville Primary School is to recognise that Art and Design embodies one of the highest forms of human creativity. Children will experience an arts-rich education from Nursery to Year 6 developing individual creativity, challenges and self-expression. Children will build their confidence, imagination and their own sense of identity.

Children will equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to invent, experiment and create their own works of art. This will be through tactile, visual and sensory experiences in a way of understanding and responding to the world. Children will communicate their thoughts and feelings through texture, form, pattern and colour using different materials and processes. As pupils progress, they will be able to think critically and develop a deeper understanding of art and design through their own work and from understanding the work of artists, craft makers and designers; learning about the impact it has in the present and has had in the past.


  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Nursery Painting Exploring colour mixing Creative Art – Collage and Constructions

Self and family portraits 

Creates colour, texture, form, design in their work

Creating and using props to support their role play Sharing creations, explaining the process they have used;

Junk modelling 

Designer: Richard Rogers

Poster paint in palettes/tertiary colours 

Craftmaker:  Arnulfo Mendozo Ruiz (weaver)

Pencil line drawing HB 

Artist: Andy Warhol


Papier mache

Designer: Sergio Bustamante (Papier mache designer)

Mixing powder paint – textile art/printing

Craftmaker: Molly Williams

Pencil line drawing HB hatching-texture 

Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe



Designer: Henry Moore (sculpture)

Pencil line and tone HB,   2B-blending

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Mixing colours - Textural painting - string, cord, paper clips

Craftmaker: Akira Yoshizawa (origamist)


Mixed media, painting and fabric

Designer: Andy Goldsworthy

Cutting crepe paper shapes to make piñata effect 2D pictures on a foam board

Craft maker: Roberto Benaidez

Pencil tone and texture H, HB, 2B

Artist: Gustav Klimt


Mixing acrylics

Designer: Charles Rennie Mackintosh (stained glass on acetate)

Pencil-observational drawings- still life -all B pencils

Artist: Claude Monet 


Craft maker: Wedgewood


Pencil – observational drawings – people – all range

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Watercolour pencils

Artist: Georges Seurat

Mod roc with armatures

Designer/craftmaker: Saulo Moreno Hernandez (armatures)

Children are taught different techniques throughout the years which are often built upon from previous years. These techniques can be applied to their own creative work. The teachers will direct children to demonstrate a particular learning objective but then allow them time to reflect on their own tastes, interests and preferences having learnt key skills. Exciting ideas do not come from direct teaching; they develop from previous experiences, influences and from their imagination.


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