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Southville Christmas Concerts - 6th December to 14th December
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Southville Christmas Concerts - 6th December to 14th December

Over the next couple of weeks, we are having our yeargroup Christmas Concerts. The children have been practicing singing all year and have worked really hard to perfect their songs.

If you haven't gotten your ticket already, you can bring £5 (per child) to the office for 2 tickets to the Christmas Concert. The £5 goes towards 3 things: the organisation of the Christmas Concerts, the Aladdin Pantomine that the children saw on Friday 2nd December, and their in-class Christmas parties where they will get goodies and have fun.

Family Support

If your family or someone that you know is struggling at the moment, please contact Ms Hagerty on:
020 8890 6745 
We can discretely support any families struggling through these difficult times.

Alongside this, Hounslow council are hosting a Cost of Living Roadshow which provides support on issues such as debt, finance and wellbeing. This will provide the opportunity to speak with experts and get advice. The full range of dates and places are here: Cost of Living Roadshow

They also wanted to highlight that 40% of people that are eligible for help on pre-paid meters have not claimed their vouchers for £400 in support. For information on whether you are eligible to claim this support, please Look at this Government Guidance

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To contact us, please either email Ms Hagerty (office@southville.hounslow.sch.uk), or call the office on 020 8890 6745

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